Most of our parcels are shipped out with RoyalMail or other carrier services. We tend to use the best option, which depends on destination and on value, size and weight. All goods over £50 are sent recorded delivery and usually with a tracking reference. Where appropriate, we will notify you of tracking references, and estimate delivery times for your order.

Please note the term ‘immediate dispatch’ means that your item will be dispatched during the ‘next working day’. We do not ship on Saturdays unless you have specifically pre-arranged it, and we do not ship on Bank Holidays.

Where dispatch takes a bit longer, we indicate this on the item on the WebShop, before you order it. Thus, if it says ‘3 day dispatch’, it means that we will dispatch your order on the third working day after the order was made. If you have multiple items, we will normally send them together as one order.

Delivery costs will vary according to the size, weight and destination of your order. The delivery charges are automatically calculated by our WebShop software. It automatically chooses the cheapest and best option for you, so you do not need to worry about it! However, if you need it sending in a different way, then you can contact us with your order, and we will arrange it as best as we can… contact us on

How Long Does Delivery Take?

Orders must be received before 5pm for next working day dispatch. Delivery time depend on your location and mode of dispatch, it is normally varies from 2 working days to 5 working days in UK and from 5 working days to 25 working day for international orders after dispatch. If your order has been dispatched and it hasn’t arrived as planned, you can contact the courier or local post office and also let us know about it. Please note our deliveries are made between 7.30am - 18.00pm local time. If you are unavailable between these times then you will be left a card to contact your depot to arrange re-delivery.

Missing Items

If you believe you have a missing item in your consignment, or have been sent goods incorrectly, please contact us immediately on day of receipt. All Items despatched from We Do 3D Printing are monitored via our own monitoring QC  systems, and we can check the contents of your consignment for accuracy. So again, you can rest assured that your order is complete and correct.